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Who We Are


Rere  (pronounced as Re-Re) stands for Renew and Restore. Rere Retreat Planners is part of a fully licensed travel company, Rere Travel Planners that is based in Singapore. Rere Retreat Planners key focus is to help others renew and restore themselves through retreats.

It was birthed out of a strong belief that our physical, mental and spiritual health matter in what we do. Our desire is to help others who may be suffering a burnt out and/or facing emotional stresses as a result of life changing events and relationship issues. We believe that we must first be able to connect with God and ourselves in order to connect with others. 

Rere has since its inception helped organise many personal and guided retreats in Singapore during COVID- 19. We hope to do more of such programmes, including organising retreats all over the world.


To organise retreats and programmes that bring about renewal and restoration


Restoring relationships with God, ourselves and others

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