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Image by Hennie Stander
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A small city nonetheless but Singapore is a vibrant modern city with several retreat centers and beautiful untouched places waiting for one to discover.

Image by Yeo Khee

What We Offer


Discover as we travel around the world while sharing with you our top picks for retreat destinations.

Image by Jakob Owens
Image by Jakob Owens


Crystal water, fields and forests, and a bountiful table, Thailand lures visitors with sand between their toes providing the utmost retreat experience. 

Image by Yohan Cho

Hong Kong

Hong Kong welcomes you with an iconic skyline, lush, and protected nature where rare birds and colorful traditions thrive. Enchanting neighborhoods and islands that offer a sensory feast to visitors.

Image by Chester Ho
Image by Sunyu Kim
Noarlunga South Australia


Gorgeous scenery with the diversity of Australia influences, Australia is lively, energized, innovative, and outward-looking making it a unique retreat destination to visit.

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