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Batam, Indonesia
Venue: Batam View Beach Resort
Date: 15-18 September 2022
Fees:$670 / Pax


Renew & Restore

Fees per pax:
$670 / Pax



Full payment of retreat to be made upon registration. Registration closes on 30 July 2022 or when places are full. Please fill-up the attached form in the arrow button and email it back to Alfred <> with payment as confirmation.

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The Retreat Program


The Way Of Silence

It is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord . . . Let him sit alone in silence, for the Lord has laid it on him. (Lamentation 3: 26, 28)

The Spiritual practice of Silence is neither about refraining from talking nor what you do in the silence. It is about cultivating the interior quiet that fosters a humble, open, available, and listening posture.


Silence is the time when we withdraw from our addiction to noise, words, and activity. Silence is a way of waiting, watching, and listening to what is going on within and around us.


The greatest things are accomplished in silence – not in the clamor and display of superficial eventfulness, but in the deep clarity of inner vision; in the almost imperceptible start of decision, in quiet overcoming and hidden sacrifice. Spiritual conception happens when the heart is quickened by love, and the free will stirs to action. The silent forces are the strong forces. Let us turn now to the stillest event of all, stillest because it came from the remoteness beyond the noise of any possible intrusion – from God. (Romano Guardini, The Lord)  

Augustin Guillerand correctly writes that “solitude and silence are guests of the soul. The soul that possesses them carries them with it everywhere. The one that lacks them finds them nowhere. In order to re-enter silence, it is not enough to stop the movement of one’s lips and the movement of one’s thoughts. That is only being quiet. Being quiet is a condition for silence, but it is not silence.”  

More than money, power, and even happiness, silence has become the most precious – and dwindling – commodity of our modern world. (George Prochnik, In Pursuit of Silence). The world (and Christians as well) hates silence and yet pursues it desperately. However, most do so for the wrong purpose.  


This retreat will be best suited to those who are familiar with the teaching and spiritual practice of silence. It will provide opportunities to reflect and delve deeper into cultivating silence in the various areas of our lives. We learn how to create white spaces and discern the white noises to experience greater freedom God has promised not only to us but to the world around us so as to establish the Kingdom of God in the midst of chaotic noises.  


There will be daily prayer and meditation that provide the materials, spiritual exercises, and reflection questions to facilitate your encounter with God. One-to-one Spiritual Direction will also be available to accompany you in your retreat. (Check out the One Path website to find out more about what is Spiritual Direction:  


All Covid-19-related Safety Measures will be observed throughout the retreat. More information regarding the retreat and venue will be available in the retreat preparation and briefing handouts closer to the retreat date.


This is a 5 Day 4 Night retreat experience amidst the beautiful scenery in Phuket and enjoy a perfect getaway with the breath-taking panoramic views of Kamala Beach. All rooms are furnished with elegant interiors and modern design, with comfortable amenities all within reach. A suggested itinerary will be given upon confirmation.


• 3-night accommodation in a newly refurbished Deluxe Single Room with meals

• 2 way transfer & land transfer to the hotel


• Travel Insurance

DATE OF RETREAT: 15-18 September 2022
TIME:  Thursday 10:30am - Sunday 2:30pm 
FEES: $670



Alfred Quah
Spiritual Director

Alfred Quah works as a full-time ecumenical spiritual director and pastoral counsellor in private practice. He is a member of Spiritual Director International, Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association, as well as Life Direction Singapore and subscribes to their ethical standards and practices. Alfred conducts workshops and retreats both locally as well as overseas.

Alfred holds a Bachelor Degree in Theology (Trinity Theological College, Singapore) and a Master of Arts in Pastoral Counselling (Asbury Theological Seminary, Kentucky, USA). He has undergone a two year Formation Program for Spiritual Director with Life Direction Singapore. He has worked in various capacities in different Churches and Christian organizations for more than 30 years.

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